Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Stockton, CA

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It can certainly be a scary feeling when your check engine light pops up on the dashboard. You may start to panic and wonder what might be wrong with your vehicle. Fortunately, the auto repair experts at Perlu Advanced Auto Repair in Stockton, California, can quickly diagnose and repair the problem. Our team of RepairPal Certified technicians is proud to offer the best labor costs in the area. We also would like to thank our servicemen, women, and teachers by providing them deep discounts on all of their automotive services. Our team offers a 36-month/36,000-mile nationwide warranty on all of our work. That warranty promises that you’re covered anywhere in the country. To resolve your illuminated check engine light without breaking your budget, contact Perlu Advanced Auto Repair today by calling 209-451-5845 to schedule an appointment.

Common Reasons for a Check Engine Light

There are several reasons why your vehicle’s check engine light came on. Whatever the reason, Perlu Advanced Auto Repair in Stockton, California, can swiftly fix the problem. Some reasons for an illuminated check engine light can include:

  • A loose gas cap
  • A bad catalytic converter
  • A faulty oxygen sensor
  • Worn out wires or spark plugs
  • A failing mass flow sensor
  • A bad aftermarket alarm
  • A vacuum leak
  • A dead battery

If your check engine light pops on, it’s important to take your vehicle to a reputable auto repair service shop to get inspected. Our family-owned-and-operated repair shop can effectively diagnose and repair your car in no time. While you wait, enjoy Perlu Advanced Auto Repair’s inviting and entertaining waiting area. It’s packed with video games, beverages, free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and more to keep you occupied as we work on your car.

The Lowest Labor Costs in the Stockton Area

At Perlu Advanced Auto Repair in Stockton, California, we understand that you don’t want to put a huge dent in your wallet to fix your car. Whatever the culprit behind your vehicle’s illuminated check engine light might be, you can rest easy knowing that our team offers the lowest labor costs in the area. Moreover, if you’re a service member or an educator, Perlu Advanced Auto Repair will offer you a discount on all of your auto repair services. We’re committed to providing the residents of our community with exceptional and affordable automotive repair services.

If your car’s check engine light is on, contact Perlu Advanced Auto Repair right away to schedule an appointment. You can reach us by calling 209-451-5845 or simply stop by our shop located at 1033 E March Lane. To guarantee your vehicle is safe and secure, get your check engine light checked out. Make an appointment with us now.